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About US

      TENTEX is dynamic and innovative Machinery Company that offers global solutions for all types of automated production applications.
TENTEX was founded 7 years ago and draws on knowledge, resources and expertise from Asia, Europe and Australasia.  The directors of TENTEX have had over 60 years combined experience in the design and commissioning of high output automated machinery.
TENTEX’S range of machines incorporates,

  • Fully computerised and automated quilting machines
  • Sewing machines for the mattress industry,
- flanging, label attachment, over lockers, sergers, handle attachment, quilt repair etc
  • Automatic Tape Edge machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Spring machines
  • Fully automated and computerized conveyer systems
  • Carding lines


     Conveyor line is mainly to complete the task of conveying their materials. A series of conveyor chains consisting of many belt conveyors, roller conveyors, etc., are provided at the site around the warehouse, production workshop and packing workshop, and continuous conveyor lines are formed by the end-to-end connection. At the entrance and at the exit of the material are provided with and path fork devices, lifts and conveyor lines on the ground. In this way, in the warehouse, production workshop and packing workshop, a circular conveyor system which can reach each production place and is closed at the same time is formed. All materials, parts, components and finished products used in the manufacturing process must be packed in a barcoded pallet to enter the conveyor system. The pallet containing the material enters the conveyor system from the designated entry point under the production instructions issued by the production management system.

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